Java is the most popular programming language used in the world. It is a programming language that has been tested, refined, extended, and proven by quite a lot of programmers. Java is a powerful
Object-oriented programming (O0P) language suitable for writing anything. You can use it for a distributed application that runs on a corporate net work or for a database-driven Web site to host your photo gallery.
Features of Java
The following features make Java an ideal technology for networkcomputing:
  • Platform independent: An important feature of Java thatmakes it versatile is its ability to build platform-independentdatabase applications. The programs written on one platform can runon any platform that supports Java, i.e. the platform must have theJava Virtual Machine (JVM).
  • Object oriented: Everything in Java program is an objectand everything is developed out of a root object class. There are nostand alone methods, constants, and variables in Java. Everything injava is object even the primitive data types can also be convertedinto object by using the wrapper class.
  • Robust: Java is a robust programming language because ithas an automatic memory management and garbage. It provides a strongchecking mechanism, as compare to other programming languages, whichchecks for errors.
  • Portable: The feature of Java to be written once and runanywhere makes it a portable language.
  • Secure: Java does not allocate pointers to memory pointersdirectly. This prevents accidentally referencing memory that belongsto other programs. In addition, Java compiler catches morecompile-time errors.
  • Multi-threaded: The fundamental concept of computerprogramming is to perform more than one task at a time, which isknown as multi-threading within a program. Java is a multi-threadedprogramming language. In Java, a program with multiple threadsexecute independently at the same time without disturbing theexecution of other threads.
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